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Physical activity – health from gestation to the grave

Physical Activity – Health From Gestation to the Grave I almost started this post with “from the cradle to the grave,” but then I thought about the principle we know from the first 1000 days that maternal well-being affects the infant’s life course.  The first 1000 days are mentioned in my post about the factors […]

Heart Disease and Erythritol

Heart Disease and Erythritol Here are some thoughts on the recent paper on Heart Disease and Erythritol as a dietitian working in weight management. If you want to see a dietitian for nutrition advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Free exploration phone call to see if we can work together.   10 minute obligation […]

Support your new healthy choices in three ways

Support your new healthy choices in three ways Are you finding your New Year’s resolutions are already a burden? Have those plans already fallen by the wayside? Or you may be in the two-thirds of people who don’t bother with New Year’s resolutions. Here are three ways in which you can support your new healthy […]

Do supplements prevent severe COVID-19?

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Do supplements prevent severe COVID-19? We have been dealing with COVID-19 in New Zealand for over 12 months, so I felt it was a timely opportunity to republish this series of blogs. Many people are asking, “Do supplements prevent severe COVID-19? Like all things COVID-19, there are divided opinions and research to back many of […]