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Appointments can be scheduled at:

Individual Services

Everyone has an initial assessment taking 55 minutes. This is an opportunity to assess what you need and plan an intervention. In most circumstances, I will advise some changes at this appointment.

I will then communicate with your GP, and anyone else you request is copied in on the letter. Because changes I make may affect the work done by other health professionals, there has to be a very good reason not to include this correspondence as part of your care.

After this, you will have one or more review appointments of either 25 or 55 minutes. I do not presume how many sessions you will need, so there are no “packages of care” with a certain number of appointments.

With some conditions or circumstances, more than five appointments may be needed. If this is the case, we will discuss a discount.

Other services


I offer professional supervision to dietitians and registered nutritionists at any point in their careers. I will also supervise any health professional who wants to learn how to discuss body weight and diet better. Please contact me to enquire, even if you are unsure you can afford supervision. I have a sliding scale of charges for people paying their way and rates for employer-funded supervision.

Nutrition audits and services for care facilities

I am happy to provide clinical care and food service for organizations looking after older people and people with disabilities.

Media, writing, and consultancy

I am happy to have media contact about current and upcoming nutrition issues.

I am also happy to write or co-write nutrition stories, blogs, or articles.

Talk to me about nutrition consultancy if you want to develop services or products. I may be able to help.

Follow this link for recent media and consultancy work.