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Dietetic and Nutrition Consultancy - Self-Referral

We’ll start with an initial assessment that takes 55 minutes. This is an opportunity to assess your needs and to plan a course of action. In most circumstances, during this appointment, I’ll advise you on some changes to implement. I’ll then communicate these changes with your GP and anyone else you request. This is to ensure that everyone who is working with you on your health is informed about all the steps that are being taken.

After the initial appointment, you’ll have one or more review appointments of either 25 or 55 minutes. The number of appointments will depend on your individual circumstances and goals.

With some conditions or circumstances, more than five appointments may be needed. If this is the case, we can discuss a discount.

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Nutrition Assessments, Education and Counselling

Sometimes, patients may not want to wait on a list to get seen by a public dietitian service, or they might not be eligible for this service.

In this case, I’m happy to take referrals from health professionals. I’m on the ERMS system, or alternatively, I can receive emails. 

Supervision of Nutritionists and Dietitians

I provide professional supervision to dietitians and registered nutritionists. I am available to supervise any healthcare professional interested in learning how to effectively discuss body weight and diet with their patients.

Please contact me to inquire about and discuss my fees. I offer a sliding scale of charges for self-paying individuals, as well as special rates for employer-funded supervision.

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Dietetic Services for Residential Care

Organisations looking after and providing food for people in their care are required to meet the audit standards in Ngā Paerewa Health and disability services standard (NZS8134:2021)

In addition to meeting food-related standards, it’s crucial to address the identification, treatment, and review of health needs among your residents. When these needs require dietary intervention, dietitians are best positioned to assist with policy development, education, and intervention.

We can provide comprehensive services to support you in meeting audit standards, covering all aspects of dietary intervention required to address the health needs of your residents.

Media and Content Creation for Nutrition Education

I welcome inquiries from media organisations and journalists regarding nutrition issues.

I’m also open to writing or co-writing nutrition stories, blogs, or articles.

If you require assistance or guidance with the development of nutrition products or services, I am available for consultancy work.

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